The perfect colour balance that is the signature of LUQUAGE products comes from our exclusive “golden proportion” recipe of colouring, which consists of three layers of colours on the ratio of 6:3:1 as the basis of the colour equilibrium. To make our lenses look natural, LUQUAGE opts for a brown colour closest to human pupil, and controls the portion of the colour carefully using cutting-edge technology. We have also made our lenses with the same structure that comprises the human pupil, so that we re-create its shine and texture with perfection. This is bound to bring to the eyes a more natural and energetic look.

Gloss Amber
( EL1005 )

Water Quartz
( EL1006 )

Skinny Hazel
( EL1007 )

Misty Ash
( EL1008 )

Airy Brown
( EL1001 – 10pcs )
( EL3001 – 30pcs )

The Airy Brown colour is designed to release our special brown colour from the pupil. Its brightness and transparency allow the eyes to look fashionable yet natural, so that your partner feels comfortable staring into them even in relaxing and simple dates.

Rich Night
( EL1002 – 10pcs )
( EL3002 – 30pcs )

The design of Rich Night emphasises the perfect colour balance in our products. It is a mixture of three brown colours to different degrees which gives your eyes rich in layers and hence appeal.

Foggy Chocolat
( EL1003 )

The Foggy Chocolat colour is the most dazzling in the LUQUAGE series. The lenses are designed to give your eyes beautiful brightness and colours. Despite being incredibly light to wear, they are bound to grasp everyone’s attention in the heat of the night at any party.

Aqua Beige
( EL1004 )

Aqua Beige is designed to enhance the brightness and colour of the lens’s edge, in order to push its transparency and depth to another level. Its trendy colour of choice gives its user a pair of eyes from another country. It is suitable for those who loves to give a try on new feelings.

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